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Erika Boeckeler Featured in News@Northeastern for Cacodemon Shakespeare

the first page of the merchant of venice

“It’s over 400 years old, and yet it offers us a vocabulary for the things that haven’t changed,” Boeckeler says. “We’re still grappling with all of those issues in profound ways.”

Associate Professor of English Erika Boeckeler was featured in a recent News@Northeastern article for The Cacodemon Shakespeare Project, an effort inspired by the shift to online learning for her ENGL 1400 Introduction to Shakespeare class. From the project’s website:

“This project collects digital editions of Shakespeare’s plays, created by students in Professor Erika Boeckeler’s Introduction to Shakespeare courses at Northeastern University. Students in these classes work in groups to prepare a single page from one of Shakespeare’s plays; each group adopts an editorial stance and prepares their page accordingly, making decisions about annotation, contextualization, display, regularization, etc. Reading through a digital edition in this project will offer many different perspectives of Shakespeare’s works.”

This website was designed by Laura Johnson, a current English PhD student, and Sarah Connell, Co-Director of the Digital Integration Teaching Initiative. Read the full N@N article here.

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