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K.J. Rawson and Alanna Prince (PhD ’23) are selected for the Humanities Center Resident Fellowship Program

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Please join us in congratulating Associate Professor of English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies K.J. Rawson and PhD candidate Alanna Prince for their selection as faculty fellow and graduate fellow, respectively, for the eighth annual Northeastern University Humanities Center Resident Fellowship Program, with a theme of “Reckonings.” Taken from the Humanities Center website:

“The term reckoning suggests an intersectional, multidimensional process of truth-telling and accountability around all forms of systemic oppression, from the intimate and familial, to the social and political, to the planetary and cosmic. Reckoning calls for accountability through narration of harms, adjudication of rights, and acts of judgment, but it may also imply transformative possibilities of amnesty, forgiveness, reconciliation, and reparation. Reckonings may be literary, juridical, political, ethical, aesthetic, and/or emotional, expressed through imaginative as well as political consciousness. Reckoning-whether paying debts or cogitating-implicates questions of time and place. The year 2020 has been popularly described as a moment of racial reckoning. Other recent reckonings include those around misogyny; climate justice; social welfare and economic inequality; spiritual community, and global interconnection.”

Rawson’s project is entitled, “Inequitable Representations in the Digital Transgender Archive” and Prince’s project is entitled, “Luminous Black: On Making Time, the World, and the Self in Black Women’s Poetry.” This year’s fellowship group will be convened by Ángel David Nieves, Professor of Africana Studies, History, and Digital Humanities.

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