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Caitlin Thornbrugh and Kat Gonso Win Grant Funding to Amplify First-Generation, Low-Income Student Voices

side by side headshots of Caitlin Thornbrugh and Kat Gonso

Cailtin Thornbrugh, Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor in English, and Kat Gonso, Teaching Professor in English, have been awarded a Faculty Innovations Grant in Diversity and Academic Excellence from Northeastern’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion for their proposal, “Creating and Curating Knowledge: First-Generation Low-Income Student Voice and the Experiential Liberal Arts.”

This proposal seeks to launch a student-run Northeastern First-Generation, Low-Income literary magazine with the goals of building community through creative and academic writing; making space for the university community to learn from first-gen, low-income student voices; and creating experiential work opportunities for students writing, editing, designing, and marketing the publication. Additionally, this grant funding will help foster ongoing relationships and mentorship opportunities with first-gen, low-income, and/or BIPOC guest speakers, as well as sponsor a public reading to introduce the Northeastern community and the general public to the magazine’s work. Please join us in congratulating Caitlin and Kat on this achievement!

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