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Mya Poe Publishes Article on Disrupting White Supremacy in Assessment

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“Still, the field of measurement, largely, continues to rely on approaches to validation that- instead of seeking justice for marginalized communities- treats the sociocultural identities of test takers as barriers of inferiority to be mitigated outside of the assessment design process. When the ongoing realities of social oppression are not recognized, the use of validity arguments becomes another racist tool, reproducing- rather than disrupting-systems of oppression.”

Mya Poe, Associate Professor of English, collaborated with Jennifer Randall (UMass Amherst), David Slomp (University of Lethbridge), and Maria Elena Oliveri (University of Nebraska Lincoln) to publish “Disrupting White Supremacy in Assessment: Toward a Justice-Oriented, Antiracist Validity Framework” in Educational Assessment.

Read the article on the journal website.

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