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Alanna Prince (PhD ’23) Wins the CSSH Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

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headshot of Alanna Prince standing in front of a brick wall

Alanna Prince (PhD ’23) has been selected for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities 2021-2022 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. From Alanna’s award announcement:

“Alanna Prince’s teaching portfolio demonstrates ongoing dedication to students’ intellectual, personal, and social development and a deep commitment to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The committee was especially impressed with the breadth of Alanna’s teaching, which includes Black Poetry and Popular Culture and Advanced Writing in the Technical Professions. Alanna’s commitment to her students transcends disciplines and reveals itself in her equitable assessment policies and transparent assignment design. Her students’ own words testify to Alanna’s profound impact: “…with the main theme of the poems being about black experiences, I was grateful for a chance to read poems that talked about things that directly affected me and spoke directly to the issues I have dealt with for practically all of my life.” On behalf of CSSH students and faculty, the committee recognizes Alanna’s invaluable contributions to the college community and thanks her for exceptional work as a graduate student instructor.”

The award winners will be recognized for their achievement at the college’s Faculty and Staff Celebration on April 28th. Please join us in congratulating Alanna on her outstanding efforts!

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