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Sari Altschuler and Cherice Escobar Jones (PhD ’24) Named as Humanities Center Fellows for 2022-23

a grid of photos from left to right, top to bottom: headshot of Sari Altschuler, headshot of Cherice Escobar Jones, and a colorful abstract banner for the fellowship program

Please join us in congratulating Associate Professor of English Sari Altschuler and PhD student Cherice Escobar Jones for their selection as faculty fellow and graduate fellow, respectively, for the ninth annual Northeastern University Humanities Center Resident Fellowship Program, with a theme of “Re-imagining/Re-forming.” Taken from the Humanities Center website:

“Mindful of recent political, cultural, and environmental upheavals, the Northeastern Humanities Center invites proposals for the 2022-23 academic year on the theme of ‘Re-imagining/Re-forming.’ We seek proposals that address how bedrock notions of social contract are being reconfigured by the disruptions of what some have called Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What are the material implications of recent technological developments—broadly understood, including, for example, AI and biotechnologies—for the humanities, and for the laws and social ordering of what we have traditionally thought of as ‘the human’? Are we moving towards a digital social contract, and if so, who or what is determining its terms? We invite proposals connected to any dimension of this broad field of inquiry, including literary, artistic, historical, socio-political, economic, ecological, media theoretical, philosophical, linguistic, as well as technology-focused perspectives.”

Altschuler’s project is entitled, “Capable Citizens: How Disability Shaped American Citizenship.” This year’s fellowship group will be convened by Patricia Williams, University Distinguished Professor of Law and Humanities.

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