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Sari Altschuler to Co-Direct Health Humanities Seminar at Harvard

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Sari Altschuler, Associate Professor of English, will co-direct an exploratory seminar at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute in June 2022 alongside Corinna Treitel, Chair and Professor of History at Washington University in St. Louis. Altschuler and Treitel will guide a group of 12-15 leading scholars on a discussion about “Rethinking Health and the Humanities During and After COVID-19.”

The Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar Program provides funding to scholars, practitioners, and artists for collaboration in an interdisciplinary exploration of early-stage ideas. Prospective seminar leaders submit proposals for peer review from a broad range of fields and perspectives that connect research to public policy, pressing social issues, and/or seek to actively engage audiences beyond academia.

Read more on the Washington University in St. Louis website.

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