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K.J. Rawson Co-Organizes Trans Metadata Collective

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Co-organized by Professor K.J. Rawson, the Trans Metadata Collective (TMDC) was formed in response to the lack of attention paid to trans and gender diverse issues in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Special Collections (GLAMS) and other information systems, especially among the creators of metadata standards. The TMDC’s primary goal was to develop a set of best practices for the description and classification of trans and gender diverse information resources that could be widely shared and implemented throughout the GLAMS sector. The TMDC’s newly-released report, “Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender-Diverse Resources” (available here), is the result of a year of work and collaboration. It was released for circulation in June 2022 and has already been downloaded over 10,000 times across various platforms. 

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