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05/04/2020 - 05/08/2020

Writing as Healing During COVID-19: “We Are All Sitting In Rooms” with Ed Steck

Location: Virtual - see link below to register
Sponsored By: Department of English, Writing Program, Writing Center
Contact: i.sobralcampos@northeastern.edu
More Information: https://cssh.northeastern.edu/writingcenter/event/writing-as-healing-during-covid-19/

The Writing Program and Writing Center are thrilled to sponsor three weeks of online writing workshops for NU faculty, staff, students, and the community at large. How can we begin to process and account for our experience during this time of unrest, loss, and suspension? We believe that writing can be a powerful tool for reflecting and healing. We hope that these workshops will begin to provide a space for healing to happen.

Workshops are free, open to the public, and welcome writers of all levels and disciplines. Each workshop is a week long (Monday-Friday). During this time, participants will receive daily writing prompts and readings, which will culminate in an online session together at the end of the week. Those interested will receive feedback on a single piece of writing that they have produced during the week.

“We Are All Sitting In Rooms” with Ed Steck

May 4 – 8

“We Are All Sitting In Rooms” presents an opportunity for thinkers in isolation to experience an opening into the outside world by interacting with everyday objects. Steck will ask participants to observe household objects around them and gather three to five objects that evoke various emotional responses. The workshop will be structured around a series of writing prompts that address connectivity with other living things, nature, and the larger world these everyday objects take part in. We will look at work by artists and writers that engage with the everyday, weather, video games, television, and online materials. Some of the artists and writers we will read, watch, and listen to include Maya Deren, Alvin Lucier, Alice Notley, and others.

Ed Steck is the author of An Interface for a Fractal Landscape (Ugly Duckling Presse), The Garden: Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation (Ugly Duckling Presse), The Rose (with Adam Marnie, Hassla), sleep as information/the fountain is a water feature (COR&P), Far Rainbow (Make Now Books), A Time Stream in Spaces: The Cultic Parody of Time-Induced Capital (West), and The Necro-Luminescence of Pink Mist (Skeleton Man Press). His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. He is a recipient of two Fund for Poetry Grants, the Artist Opportunity Grant from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, and an Investing in Professional Artists Grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation. He lives in Massachusetts.

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