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English Graduate Student Organizations

English Graduate Student Association

The EGSA, a student group officially acknowledged by the University, includes all graduate students in the English Department at Northeastern, but primarily functions as a small group of elected representatives. Its mission is to ensure and improve the quality of the graduate programs, promote the professional development of graduate students, develop policies and procedures that benefit graduate students, encourage faculty-student communication, and foster collegiality among members of the department through cooperation between graduate students, faculty and staff in the English Department.

Elected representatives conduct monthly meetings, open to any and all graduate students, where announcements and reports are made by various subcommittees such as the Conference Planning Committee, the Job Market Research Committee, and the Event Coordinating Committee, as well as the Ph.D. and M.A. representatives. The EGSA also works in conjunction with the Graduate Student Government (GSG), the graduate student government that includes all departments at Northeastern. For more information, please contact the EGSA at northeasternEGSA@gmail.com or Eamon Schlotterback at schlotterback.e@husky.neu.edu.

EGSA Officers, 2019-2020

President: Eamon Schlotterback
Vice President: Vijeta Saini
Secretary: Galen Bunting
Treasurer: Laura Johnson
M.A. Rep: Ken Haley
Graduate Student Government Rep: Brice Lanham
Graduate Student Welfare Rep: Rachel Molko
Writing Program Rep: Cherice Jones

Annual EGSA Conference

2019 Conference: “Centering the Margins,” April 6

Statement on Transgender and GNC Rights

EGSA Statement on Transgender and GNC Rights

Graduate Student Welfare and Advocacy Group

The Graduate Student Welfare Advocacy Group (GSWAG) is a collective of English graduate students and faculty members who are dedicated to fostering an inclusive, compassionate, and justice-centered environment in the department.

Use our anonymous suggestion form to send over any information, whether general suggestions or something to be published in our newsletters: http://bit.ly/GSWAG-form

For any questions, please contact Cara Marta Messina at messina.c@husky.neu.edu.

GSWAG Members, 2019-2020

Dr. Erika Boeckeler
Dr. Theo Davis
Cara Marta Messina
Rachel Elvira Molko
Kyle Wholey

GSWAG Newsletter Archive

Feb – March 2020 GSWAG Newsletter
Nov – Dec 2019 GSWAG Newsletter
Oct 2019 GSWAG Newsletter

NU English Drawing Cohort

The Drawing Cohort is dedicated to the principle that anyone can draw a fridge-worthy picture and that crayons and markers are fun for all ages! Our meetings consist of drawing activities, music, snacks, chill vibes, and lots of laughs. If you’d like to get involved or learn more, email Ben at machlin.b@husky.neu.edu. We hope you join us soon!

doodles of aliens and cute animated objects


Comic Studies Group

The Northeastern Comics Studies Group is a faculty and graduate student group devoted to the study of comics, image-texts, and visual cultures more broadly. Meeting three to five times a semester, the group seeks to strengthen the scholarly comics community at Northeastern through workshopping, reading groups, discussions, and invited speakers, as well as through group visits to lectures, conferences, and comics expositions. All are invited to attend meetings, get to know Northeastern’s growing comics scholar community, and learn something new!

For any questions, please connect with Kenny Oravetz at (oravetz.k@husky.neu.edu).

American Literatures and Cultures working group

The American Literatures and Cultures group is an organization dedicated to sharing and workshopping scholarship from the department’s Americanists. We meet once a month to hear new scholarship and offer feedback on current graduate projects.

For more information, please contact Eamon Schlotterback at schlotterback.e@husky.neu.edu.

Kankedorts and Cockatrices

Kankedorts and Cockatrices (K&C) is committed to fostering enthusiasm for early modern and medieval studies across disciplines among faculty, graduate students, and doctoral alumni at Northeastern University. Since its inaugural meeting at Woody’s Grill and Tap in September 2014, K&C members have been spotted together eating pizza and drinking beer at many of Boston’s best bars (sort of) and attending productions of Renaissance plays at The Student Theater at Agganis Arena. It has been said that K&C members are nearly as passionate about their scholarly pursuits as they are about eating and drinking together.

book cover for Troilus and Criseyde

What is a Kankedort?

Appearing in the great romance of Troilus and Criseyde, this word is recorded only once in the English language. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “A state of suspense; a critical position; an awkward affair.” The etymology of this word is listed as “unascertained” and it is a literary singularity.

What is a Cockatrice?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a cockatrice is “a serpent, identified with the Basilisk, fabulously said to kill by its mere glance, and to be hatched from a cock’s egg.”

Faculty Members:

Professor Erika Boeckeler (PhD in Comparative Literature)
Professor Marina Leslie (PhD in English)
Professor Kathleen Kelly (PhD in English)
Professor Francis Blessington (PhD in English)
Professor Christopher Parsons (PhD in History)
Professor Robert Cross (PhD in History)

Members at Large:

Shannon Garner-Balandrin (PhD in English, 2016)
Sarah Connell (PhD in English, 2014)
Kasra Ghorbaninejad (English PhD candidate)
David Medina (English PhD candidate)
Thanasis Kinias (History PhD candidate)
Paul Babin (English PhD candidate)
Vijeta Saini (English MA candidate)

For any questions, please connect with Vijeta Saini at saini.vi@husky.neu.edu.

Writing & Rhetoric Group

The Writing & Rhetoric group holds monthly meetings for faculty and graduate students interested in rhetoric, composition, and literacy. Our goal is to foster a community of peers and mentors through our shared research interests. The agenda can consist of planning for upcoming conferences, workshopping papers and presentations, and sharing recent scholarship while enjoying light refreshments.

For any questions, please connect with the coordinator of the group, Rachel Molko (molko.r@husky.neu.edu).