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Graduate Program in English

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Graduate Program Overview

The Graduate Program in English includes three degrees: the Ph.D. degree, the Master’s degree, and the PlusOne (B.A./M.A.) open to current undergraduate English majors. Our Ph.D. program admits students holding either the B.A. or the M.A.; students entering with the B.A. are expected to complete the program within six years, and those entering with the M.A. in hand are expected to complete within five years. Our Master’s degree is a two-year program, with the option to attend part-time.

All three degree options are grounded in the study of British and American literature through the most current modes of humanistic inquiry, and in the disciplines of writing and rhetoric. Both in coursework and through the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, the Graduate Program in English also offers training in the digital humanities. Altogether, our Ph.D., M.A., and PlusOne programs provide a challenging, flexible, and wide-ranging education in English studies today.

Program Highlights


Financial Information

All doctoral students receive a full five or six years of funding for their study (depending on degree at entry). Most doctoral students in their first year tutor in the Writing Center or work as research assistants for NULab projects in order to receive their stipends, and students in the following year usually teach a 1:1 load. Advanced Ph.D. students are also eligible for Northeastern University Dissertation Completion Fellowships and for Fellowships at the Northeastern Humanities Center. Students also have served on one of several journals or NULab projects that department faculty are involved with, or act as assistant directors for the undergraduate program, Writing Center, and Writing Program.

We do not offer stipends or teaching to students in the M.A. or PlusOne programs. However, Master’s students may be nominated for tuition scholarships during the review of applications to the program, and admitted students may apply for positions in the Writing Center, NULab, and other digital humanities initiatives.

Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Program in English offers students enrolled in any of its degree programs the option to complete graduate certificates in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and in Digital Humanities.

Affiliated Programs

Master’s or doctoral students enrolled in English have access to the courses provided at local universities through the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS).


We accept applications for Fall entry (all programs) and Spring entry (M.A. program, PlusOne program, and non-degree Special Student status). View admissions deadlines, materials, and FAQs at cssh.northeastern.edu/graduate/admissions.