Digital Humanities

Graduate Studies in English at Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a leader in the emerging field of Digital Humanities. Home to the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks as well as the Digital Scholarship Group housed in the Northeastern University Library, we offer many opportunities for graduate student to pursue DH work, both in classes and as team members working on cutting-edge research projects led by award-winning scholars in the field. Read more >>

Our Faculty

Nicole N. Aljoe (Caribbean literature; literatures of the African diaspora; the slave narrative)
Featured Work: Early Caribbean Digital Archive; Nicole N. Aljoe, Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Benjamin Doyle, and Elizabeth Hopwood, “Obeah and the Early Caribbean Digital Archive,” Atlantic Studies 12.2 (2015): 258-266 [full bio]

Ryan Cordell (19th-Century American literature; corpus text mining; network analysis; geospatial modeling)
Featured Work: Viral Texts Project; Our MarathonDHCommons; “What Has the Digital Meant to American Periodicals Scholarship?,”American Periodicals, 2016; “Reprinting, Circulation, and the Network Author in Antebellum Newspapers,”American Literary History, 2015 [full bio]

Ellen Cushman (rhetoric and literacy studies in tribal and urban communities; digital composing and archiving)
Featured Work:  Digital Archive for Anishinaabemowin and Cherokee Manuscript Translation [full bio]

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (18th-Century American literature; Transatlantic Studies; digital archiving and text analysis)
Featured Work: Early Caribbean Digital Archive; NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks; Our Marathon; Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive; “Translatio Studii and the Digital Archive: Early American Literature, Caribbean Assemblages, and New Knowledge Production,” American Literary History, (forthcoming) [full bio]

Julia Flanders (text markup; data modeling; digital scholarly publishing)
Featured Work:  Women Writers ProjectTAPAS (the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service); DHQ (Digital Humanities Quarterly); The Digital Scholarship Group [full bio]


Selected Recent Courses
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities  – ENGL 7370 Topics in Digital Humanities
  • The Shape of Data in the Humanities – ENGL 7370 Topics in Digital Humanities
  • NULab Research Seminar – INSH 7910
  • Texts, Maps, and Networks: Readings and Methods for Digital History – HIST 7370


Oct. 31 - NULab “Speed Data-ing” research collaboration event

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