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Current Students Registration

How do I register for Directed Study?
  1. The student develops a course with a faculty member.
  2. The student submits a Directed Study Contract to the Graduate Studies Committee.
  3. Approval is not automatic. If the GSC approves the directed study petition, it is forwarded to the CSSH Graduate Office for final approval. If the CSSH Graduate Office approves the petition, a section of ENGL 7976: Directed Study is added to the student’s schedule.
What is the last day I can drop without a “W” grade?

The Registrar’s Office posts the academic calendar on their website. Please refer to this calendar for all important registration dates.

What is an “I” Grade Contract?

“I” Grade Contracts are required of all graduate students who receive an Incomplete, or “I” grade, from an instructor. “I” Grade Contracts can be found on the Registrar’s webpage.

How can I register for the Teaching Practicum?

Information about the Teaching Practicum can be found on the Professional Development webpage. During the fall and spring registration periods, a list of practicum opportunities is sent to graduate students via email.

How do I transfer credit?

Information about transferring credit can be found on the CSSH Graduate School’s forms website.

What are the time limits for finishing coursework?

Please review the CSSH Graduate School’s General Regulations booklet.

What is “Satisfactory Academic Progress?”

The Graduate Studies Committee, in conjunction with the CSSH Graduate School, oversees students’ progress toward the degree. At a minimum, satisfactory progress includes meeting deadlines for completing coursework, taking examinations, and completing the dissertation set by the English department and the graduate school. These deadlines are described in the program guide that describes the Doctor of Philosophy Degree as well as in the General Regulations booklet. The student is responsible for being aware of these deadlines and should consult immediately with the advisor or the Graduate Program Director in the event of difficulty in making progress at any stage. Satisfactory progress also includes the expectation that students will demonstrate continuing and appropriate activity (e.g., by submitting dissertation chapters in draft regularly to the dissertation committee).

Failure to maintain satisfactory progress can lead to the withdrawal of the teaching assistantship or other financial support administered by the Graduate School or the English department or to withdrawal from the program.

How much do post-coursework registrations cost?

ENGL 8960 Exam Prep, ENGL 9986 Doctoral Research, and ENGL 9996 Dissertation Continuation are charged at the equivalent rate of 1 semester hour of credit. ENGL 9990 Dissertation is charged at the equivalent rate of 1.5 semester hours of credit. More information can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Current Student Misc.

Where can find Non-medical Leave of Absence (LOA) or Medical Leave/Reentry (MLOA) forms?

Medical LOA information can be found on the UHCS website. Requests for all non-medical LOAs are submitted via myNortheastern prior to the start of the semester for which the leave is being requested.

I’ve recently changed my name. How can I update my NU record?

You will need to show official name-change paperwork to the Registrar’s Office and submit a copy of the official paperwork to the CSSH Graduate School. You may email a PDF of the paperwork to gradcssh@northeastern.edu.

Whom should I contact when my address changes?

Update your myNortheastern account information via the link provided under the “Self Services” tab.

I’m in the M.A. program, and I’d like to apply to the Ph.D. program. What is the internal application process?

Information about the internal application process can be found on the CSSH Graduate School’s Current Student Forms web page.

How can I gain access to NU’s athletic facilities?

Students in coursework pay a Campus Recreation Fee to access the fitness facilities on campus.

Students who are not enrolled in credit-bearing courses have to submit a form and pay a fee to access campus recreation facilities. More information can be found under Student Accounts and Health Forms on the Student Financial Services Forms website: studentfinance.northeastern.edu/forms/.

How can I request a cash release?

Loans are distributed during the first week of the semester, and they are automatically applied to any outstanding balance in your account. Since TAs and GSS recipients are asked not to pay the full balance of their bill, they need to request a cash release. These students may request the cash release via myNortheastern. Here’s the Student Financial Services’ policy about cash releases: studentfinance.northeastern.edu/policies-procedures/.

Many students opt to personally visit the Student Accounts Office with a copy of their award letters in hand. Students should tell the customer service person to look both in the Financial Aid and in the Student Account systems for their award information.

Is departmental letterhead head available for the use of graduate students in the department?

Yes. Printed letterhead can be found in 411 Lake Hall (mail room), and electronic letterhead is available upon request to the department Graduate Office. Don’t create your own letterhead or use the letterhead of other academic or administrative units. Students should check the letterhead they plan to use meets current standards. If unsure, contact a department staff member.

For what purpose is letterhead appropriate?

Students are encouraged to use department letterhead to correspond about employment by the university or other employers that is related to your graduate school experience; to request or obtain desk copies or other educational materials to be used in teaching; to apply for admission to other educational programs; to document employment or student status; to organize student activities, such as the EGSA conference.

What are professionally appropriate titles?

In your correspondence and closing salutations use the most accurate descriptors of your academic standing and/or job title (e.g., “Instructor” rather than “Professor,” “Mr./Ms.” rather than “Dr.,” “Doctoral Student” rather than “Doctoral Candidate,” if not ABD). Students doing a teaching practicum may describe themselves as “Teaching Fellow.”

May I order business cards?

Yes. Graduate students can order business cards from Reprographics. Ordering information is available at collegiatepress.com/northeastern/students/index.html.

How does the program help with the academic job search?

The Department offers a dossier service for doctoral students and alumni/ae going on the job market. More information about this service and other professionalization opportunities can be found at northeastern.edu/cssh/english/graduate/professional-development/.

What are the opportunities for professionalization for Master’s program students?

Many second-year Master’s students participate in Teaching Practicum. The department also offers for-credit unpaid service-learning internships and digital humanities practica.  Part-time jobs may be available in the Writing Center and NULab.

Master’s students entering in Fall 2017 and later will the opportunity to apply for co-ops and internships in the second year.

Feel free to contact the Graduate Office for more information about these opportunities.

Are there limits to how many hours I can work each week?

University policy limits NU student employees to 20 hours per week while enrolled. During semester breaks, finals weeks, and summer semesters (if not enrolled in summer courses), active students may work up to 40 hours total per week. More information can be found on the Student Employment Office’s website at studentemployment.neu.edu/.

Students with the Stipended Graduate Assistantship may apply for up to six hours of “overload” work, on top of their SGA responsibilities. Contact the Graduate Office to request the necessary form.

Note: International student SGAs are not eligible for the SGA overload. If you are an international student with an SGA, and you have questions or are interested in a student employment opportunity, please contact the Graduate Office.