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New Students


Will there be an orientation for all new students?

Yes. The Graduate Program Director and other members of the faculty and staff host a brief information session, normally in the afternoon on the day before fall classes begin. Details are sent to new students in early-August. All new students are expected to attend.

What is myNortheastern? How do I activate my account?

Northeastern students access their student email accounts, update their contact information, register for courses, access Blackboard, and find links to various campus services via my.northeastern.edu. To activate your myNortheastern account, click on the “Need an account? Request Access.” link. If you have any problems, please contact the Information Services Help Desk at 617-373-HELP.

If you did not provide a social security number on your admission application, use the PKID listed under the signature line of your admissions offer letter. The CSSH Graduate Office can also provide this number upon request.

How can I find housing in the Boston area?

Information about on- and off-campus housing can be found at the CSSH Graduate Office’s New Student FAQ website. Popular areas for grad students include Brighton, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Somerville, and Boston proper.

Whom should I contact when my mailing address changes?

Please submit new contact information to the Registrar’s Office via the link provided under the Self Services tab of your myNortheastern account.

Where should I go for my student ID card?

Husky Card information can be found at northeastern.edu/huskycard/. You will need to present a photo identification card, such as a state issued license or passport.

SGAs can stop by the department’s Graduate Office to pick up an SGA sticker for their ID.  A note will be sent to NU email addresses when stickers are available.

I’m not receiving emails from the department. What’s going on?

After you enroll in first-semester classes, most correspondence will be sent to your NU email account. Occasionally, correspondence to email groups is sent BCC:. Check to make sure our emails aren’t going into a Junk/Bulk folder. If you need further assistance, contact the department’s Graduate Office at 617-373-3692.

How can I gain access to NU’s athletic facilities?

Students in coursework pay a Campus Recreation Fee to access the fitness facilities on campus.

Students who are not enrolled in credit-bearing courses have to submit a form and pay a fee to access campus recreation facilities. More information can be found under Student Accounts and Health Forms on the Student Financial Services Forms website: studentfinance.northeastern.edu/forms/.


Who is my advisor?

Shortly after the CSSH Graduate Office receives your signed confirmation, the department will send your advisor assignment via email.

Which courses should I take?

Please refer to the program guides and consult your advisor prior to registering.

Health Care

Where can I find more information about the Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)?

Information about the Northeastern University Student Health Plan and about waiving the coverage can be found at the NUSHP web page.

Health plan cards should be sent by the end of September. Be update your address via myNortheastern if you move during the summer.

Stipended Graduate Assistants: NUSHP and UHCS fees are not one in the same. The UHCS fee is not covered by the SGA and must be paid by the student, along with other student fees.

Where should I bring my health report form?

The Health Report Form is available on the University Health and Counseling Services’ website. Return the completed form no later than 30 days prior to the start of classes.

TIP: Verify that documentation has arrived if it was sent by someone other than yourself.

Is the University Health and Counseling Service fee covered by the SGA?

The UHCS fee is not covered by the SGA and must be paid by the student.

Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid

Whom should I contact if I have questions about my tuition bill?

Contact Student Financial Services. If need additional assistance, contact the department’s Graduate Office.

I received a bill for tuition, but I have a tuition award. What should I do?

SGA tuition awards and CSSH scholarships may take up to eight weeks to post to your student account after the semester begins. Health insurance awards may take 2-3 weeks to post. As appropriate, you may let tuition and NUSHP balances remain unpaid until the awards post to your student account. In the meantime, you should pay the portions of your bill that are not covered by your award on time to avoid late fees. Contact the department’s Graduate Office if your award does not post within eight weeks.

How can I request a cash release?

Loans are distributed during the first week of the semester, and they are automatically applied to any outstanding balance in your account. Since SGAs and CSSH scholarship recipients are asked not to pay the full balance of their bill, they need to request a cash release. These students may request the cash release via myNortheastern. Here’s the Student Financial Services’ policy about cash releases: studentfinance.northeastern.edu/policies-procedures/.

Many students opt to personally visit the Student Accounts Office with a copy of their award letters in hand. Students should tell the front desk staff to look both in the Financial Aid and in the Student Account systems for their award information.

Stipended Graduate Assistantships

When will I receive more information about the stipended graduate assistantship and orientation?

The Writing Program Director will contact new SGAs via email. Ph.D. students in the Department of English participate in the university-wide SGA orientation in their second year.

Questions about assistantships and scholarships may be directed to the Associate Director of Student Services Sheila Magee Beare in the CSSH Graduate Office, 180 Renaissance Park.

How do I set up direct deposit for my paychecks?

All student employees are required to sign up for Direct Deposit. Follow the instructions Information about Direct Deposit can be found on the Student Employment website to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization.

Do stipended graduate assistants need to submit any tax forms?

Questions about assistantships and scholarships may be directed to the Associate Director of Student Services Sheila Magee Beare in the Graduate Office, 180 Renaissance Park.


On-Campus Employment

Where can I find on-campus job postings?

If you are looking for on-campus jobs, please visit studentemployment.neu.edu for student employment opportunities and watch your Northeastern email for notices about department-related student jobs. Northeastern student employees are limited to 20 hours/week while enrolled, although doctoral students with the SGA may petition for a six-hour overload each semester. More info can be found on the SEO website.

Additional job opportunities at NU can be found at northeastern.edu/hrm/careers/.

Are there limits to how many hours I can work each week?

University policy limits NU student employees to 20 hours per week while enrolled. During semester breaks, finals weeks, and summer semesters (if not enrolled in summer courses), active students may work up to 40 hours total per week. More information can be found on the Student Employment Office’s website at studentemployment.neu.edu/.

Students with the Stipended Graduate Assistantship may apply for up to six hours of “overload” work, on top of their SGA responsibilities. Contact the Graduate Office to request the necessary form.

Note: International student SGAs are not eligible for the SGA overload. If you are an international student with an SGA, and you have questions or are interested in a student employment opportunity, please contact the Graduate Office.