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Graduate Placement

We are committed to providing students with the best preparation and support as they pursue their job searches. Our dedicated Placement Officer works with students on the preparation of their job materials, strategies for going on the market, and the interview process. Our programs’ many extracurricular offerings also prepare students well for alt-ac careers.

Graduates of our PhD program in the past ten years have found tenure-track faculty employment at Oberlin College, Auburn University, Middle Tennessee State University, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Bristol Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, Diablo Valley College, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Patrick Henry College, Queensborough Community College, and Quincy College. They have also found positions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Wheelock College, American University at Dubai, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Loyola University Chicago, Mount Ida College, and University of Southern California at Dornsife. Graduates have also received postdocs at Brown University and Middlebury College.

Resources for the Job Search

Placement Office

Department of English Placement Office

Placement Officer

Hillary Chute
Professor, Department of English

Placement Office Contact Info

Placement Office
Location: 413 Lake Hall
Phone: 617.373.3692
Fax: 617.373.2509

Placement Office Mailing Address

Department of English, Placement Office
c/o Kelsy Smith
405 Lake Hall
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Academic Job Search Guide

Academic Job Search Guide — For copies of the 2018 guide, please contact Hillary Chute or Melissa Daigle.

Fall 2018 PhD Job Placement Meetings

Fall 2018 Ph.D. Job Placement Meetings

Coming soon!

Dossier Service

Dossier Service – Department of English

Job Information List (JIL)

Job Information List (JIL) – Modern Languages Association (MLA)
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ACCUTE Career Links

Careers in Academia – ACCUTE Career Links

Chronicle of Higher Education

Job Search – Chronicle of Higher Education

PhD Student Pathway

“I was fortunate to develop relationships with academics who cared about me beyond graduate school. We’re connected in this web of scholarship now. They check in with me, and I’ll check in to see how they’re doing. I think that’s a sign of a successful graduate education — you meet people who you think do really good work and are smart people, and you get to keep in touch with them afterwards.” – Charles Lesh, Ph.D. ’16

Charles's Pathway