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Travel Reimbursement

Doctoral Student Travel Reimbursement

Ph.D. Student Travel

Ph.D. students in the Department of English are eligible for reimbursement of up to $1000 (total) for expenses incurred in traveling to conferences, institutes, or other academic activities, such as archival research, during their time in residence at Northeastern. The purpose of travel must be to present or pursue research germane to the student’s dissertation work or professionalization.  Chairing a session does not make one eligible unless s/he proposed that session and is playing a significant participatory role in it.  

Eligibility begins with the second year of doctoral study and continues for as long as a student is enrolled full-time and making satisfactory progress. Preference will be given to students at work on their dissertations. Funding is not automatic or guaranteed. The departmental reimbursement benefit may change in response to larger institutional changes or unforeseen budget constraints.

Consultation with Advisor

Upon receiving notification of acceptance from the conference convener(s) or an institute, the student consults with his/her faculty advisor to discuss the professional significance of the conference or institute; the fit between the conference or institute and the student’s intellectual program, especially the dissertation; and the publication of versions of the student’s prior conference presentations, if any. If considering another academic activity, a consultation is also required.

Reimbursement Application Process

  1. The student first submits a Doctoral Student Travel Reimbursement Request Form for the Graduate Studies Committee’s consideration. The form is available on the Current Student Resources web page. Applications must include a copy of communication of paper acceptance from the conference convener(s) or the institute, or information about the archive or other academic activity. Apply before traveling.
  2. If the request is approved, the GSC will supply a letter for the student’s PhD Network application for matching funds. Information, deadlines, and forms for PhD Network funding can be found at phd.northeastern.edu/network/opportunities/.

Review Process

The Graduate Studies Committee normally considers funding requests at their monthly meetings. Resources are limited, and not every application will necessarily be approved for funding.  The GSC would hope to respond within a week after their meeting.

Applying for Reimbursement

Students receive their travel grants in the form of reimbursement, up to the amount of the approved funding, not for the full cost of the trip.  To recover her/his expenses, a student must retain and present expense receipts, including airline ticket stubs or e-ticket confirmations.  Travel reimbursement forms are available in the main office and must be filled in fully and accurately.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Department Office.  Reimbursement checks are typically issued within seven to ten business days, quickly enough to pay the next credit card statement if a reimbursement claim is filed soon after returning.   


Effective September 1, 2018