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Hanson Writing Competition Submission Form

Hanson Writing Competition 2020: Online Submissions

More information about the Hanson Writing Competition may be found at www.northeastern.edu/cssh/english/undergraduate/hanson-writing-competition/.
  • Your Information

  • Please provide your primary phone number.
  • About Your Submission

    1. Students are allowed only one entry per category.
    2. Collections of shorter works, such as a group of poems, will be evaluated as one submission in the Creative writing category.
    3. Submissions in the Scholarly writing category must be at least five pages long.
    4. Re-submissions are not permitted. No exceptions!
    5. Submissions in any category must not exceed twenty-five (25) pages.
    6. Submissions must either be in Word Doc or PDF format. Submissions in the Other category should contact the English Dept office (English@northeastern.edu) in advance for recommendations on how and where to submit pieces that cannot be sent through this portal.
    7. Submissions must be double-spaced and in the standard 12-point font size.
    8. The title must be on the front page of the submission.
    9. Your name cannot be included in the work itself.
  • Note: Submissions must be from a 2019 semester!
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
    Please attach your paper here and ensure that your name is removed prior to submission.