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Our Staff

Department of English Staff

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon

Department Chair

e.dillon@northeastern.edu / ext: x4540

Jennifer Lobisser

Administrative Specialist

j.lobisser@northeastern.edu / ext: x2513 / 405 Lake Hall

Ms. Lobisser functions as liaison with colleges regarding department policies and student placement. She assists the Director of the Writing Programs and the Chair with teaching assignments for lecturers, and answers questions from undergraduates regarding course placement and closed courses.

Nischeena Charles

Administrative Assistant

n.charles@northeastern.edu / ext: x4540 / 405 Lake Hall

Ms. Charles fields questions and concerns at the English department front desk and assists in the daily activities of the English department office. Most general administrative inquiries and queries regarding department information should be first directed to her.

Sarah Green

Administrative Assistant

sa.green@northeastern.edu / ext: x3723 / 405 Lake Hall

Ms. Green handles department events, payroll and reimbursements, and communication with undergraduates. Any inquiries regarding hiring and pay, scheduling of department rooms, or undergraduate announcements should be directed to her.

Melissa Daigle

Graduate and Media Coordinator

m.daigle@northeastern.edu / ext: x3692 / 413 Lake Hall

Ms. Daigle handles all areas dealing with the Graduate Program and is your contact for any program or application information. She also coordinates the Department's social media and publicity.