Peter Burton Hanson Memorial Lectures and Writing Awards

The annual Peter Burton Hanson Memorial Lectures and Writing Awards are named in the honor and the memory of English alumnus Peter Burton Hanson (SSH ’91), who perished along with his wife, Sue Kim, and young daughter, Christine Lee, aboard United Airlines 175, on September 11, 2001. Peter’s life and values are remembered through these events and awards.

The Department of English is deeply grateful to Peter’s parents, Lee and Eunice Hanson, for their generosity in endowing the Peter Burton Hanson Lecture and Writing Awards.

Peter Burton Hanson Memorial Lectures

2004 Rosanna Warren
2005 Louis Menand
2006 Roland Merullo
2007 Charles Simic
2008 Jay Parini
2010 Ann Harleman
2011 David Damrosch
2012 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
2013 Jill Lepore
2014 Marjorie Agosín
2015 Kimberly Elkins
2016 Susannah Cahalan
2017 Emily Skillings
2019 Bethany Wiggin

Peter Burton Hanson Writing Awards

For Scholarly and Creative Writing in 2017

In the Category of Creative Writing
Ash Liu, “m. butterfly writes home”
Written for Professor Eunsong Kim

In the Category of Scholarly Writing
Courtney Langdell, “Dehumanization in Debtor’s Prisons: Satire and Sentiment in Little Dorrit’s Approach to Prison Reform”
Written for Professor Marina Leslie

Honorable Mention:
Jenna Lue, “True Masks and False Plays: Reproductions of Gendered Power Relations and Marriage in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Written for Professor Marina Leslie