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Student Spotlight: Dania Dwyer

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Fields: Caribbean literature and Postcolonial literature and theory, genre theory

Dissertation: “Writing Genre, Writing Resistance: Uptake, Action, and the Making of Resistance in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry”

Dania Dwyer is a Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Assistant Director of the Writing Program at Northeastern, whose research interests span genre theory, postcolonial studies and Anglophone Caribbean literature.  Her dissertation seeks to forge relations between the seemingly antagonist fields of literary studies and studies in rhetoric and composition by examining the ways contemporary West Indian writers perform uptake of early Caribbean colonial texts. As research fellow for the Early Caribbean Digital Archive, Dania is part of a team of scholars generating new ways to interpret the vast and largely understudied body of pre-20th century Caribbean literature.

Update June 2018: Dania has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Austin, TX. She will be teaching literature and composition courses, starting in Fall 2018. Dania’s dissertation defense is scheduled for July 2018.

Published On: October 13, 2016