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Eunsong Kim

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Eunsong Kim joined the NU English faculty in Fall 2017, after completing her PhD at UC San Diego. Her dissertation, titled “Property & Appropriation in Modern Aesthetics,” examines the relationships between modernist literature and art, race, and property. Professor Kim co-founded and co-runs the arts forum, contemptorary, a magazine supported by the Andy Warhol Art Writers Grant Program, which is dedicated to featuring, interviewing and archiving artists of color. For her work bridging the conversation between contemporary art and politics, she received the 2016 Poynter Fellowship in journalism at Yale University. Her poetry has appeared in the Brooklyn Magazine, Denver Quarterly, The Iowa Review, West Branch, and others. Her first book of poetry, gospel of regicide, was published by Noemi Press in 2017.




Professor Kim’s areas of specialization include twentieth- and twenty-first century US literature, Modern and Postmodernism, visual studies, Poetics, Critical Gender Studies, Asian American literature, US Multi-Ethnic literature, and New Media Studies.

In 2018-2019, Professor Kim is teaching:

Professor Kim can be reached by email at e.kim@northeastern.edu.




Published On: June 13, 2018