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Student Spotlight: Paul Babin

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Fields: Renaissance Maps and Travel Narratives, Shakespeare, 16th- and 17th-Century English Literature, Critical Theory

Dissertation: “Precarious Maps, Elusive Spaces: Mapping Practices in Early Modern Cartography and Drama” (working title)

Paul Babin is a doctoral candidate who describes his interests as “Maps, plays, spaces.” His dissertation examines the multitudinous meanings that surrounded these seemingly straightforward terms in early modern Europe and how sixteenth and seventeenth century maps and plays influenced how space was experienced in the Renaissance. His project is intensely interdisciplinary, drawing from such seemingly disparate fields as critical cartography and the pioneering spatial theory of Michel De Certeau and Henri Lefebvre.

Paul is also the president of Kankedorts and Cockatrices (K&C), a reading group that is committed to fostering enthusiasm for early modern and medieval studies across disciplines among faculty, graduate students, and doctoral alumni at Northeastern University. Along with discussing early modern and medieval scholarship, they also attend productions of Renaissance plays.

Paul would like to express his gratitude to Northeastern’s library staff for locating excellent facsimiles of the Renaissance maps and manuscripts he is studying and to his advisors for helping him to conceptualize what he hopes will be an interesting project.

Published On: October 12, 2016