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Cooperative Education

A Key Component to the Experiential Liberal Arts

In the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, cooperative education—or co-op for short—is a key component to the Experiential Liberal Arts, an educational model that integrates experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, and politics.

As an English major, you have the opportunity to take your reading, writing and critical thinking skills outside of the classroom and apply them in a wide variety of co-op work settings, such as publishing, law and education. Conversely, you bring what you learn from co-op back to the academic setting. These connections are made through guided, ongoing preparation and reflection.

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Co-op Coordinator in the Department of English

Lisa Doherty, Cooperative Education Coordinator
065 Lake Hall


Co-ops in English

Enhance your classroom learning and deepen your knowledge through the co-op experience in a variety of fields. Below is a partial list of the co-op employers and sample job titles by field or industry.


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If you would like to learn more about how co-op works in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, please visit the CSSH co-op website.

Sarah Gries, Class of 2016

Sarah Gries was one of four English majors at National Geographic Learning in Spring 2015. As a Production co-op, Sarah’s goal was able to “get a detailed look at the publishing world” and to learn as much as possible from the production, technology and editorial departments. “Getting to work for multiple departments during my time there opened my eyes to the need for certain skills in this industry.” While every publishing company will be different, the skills Sarah honed, and the learn that she experienced at National Geographic Learning, “will no doubt help me at any publishing job in the future. I understand the relationship between departments to be instrumental in the success of textbook. Interdisciplinary work is what makes NGL work and stand out from the crowd of other textbook companies.”

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