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Dr. Sina Fazelpour selected as an AI2050 Early Career Fellow by Schmidt Futures

Sina Fazelpour was selected as an inaugural member of a cohort of fiften AI2050 Early Career Fellows, who will pursue bold and multidisciplinary research in artificial intelligence (AI) at ten universities and one national laboratory. The AI2050 Early Career Fellows will work on the hard problems we must solve in order for AI to benefit society. The program is part of Schmidt Futures’ mission to support talent at various stages in their careers from around the globe who are solving hard problems in science and society. 

“We must all ensure that AI is not created in isolation, and accordingly, pay attention to both its potential benefits and risks,” said Eric Schmidt, co-founder of Schmidt Futures. “AI will transform our lives and futures, so the time is right to bet on these experts working to find the best ways to develop AI which can advance scientific progress, earn public trust, and deliver benefits for all.”

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