IER 2020 Schedule

Scientific Misinformation in the Digital Era


We are very sorry to report that the and the 2020 Information Ethics Roundtable has now been cancelled.  In response to the COVID-19 situation, Northeastern University is cancelling all “non-essential large gatherings.”


April 3-5, 2020

Northeastern University | 909 Renaissance Park | Boston, MA


Friday, April 3, 2020

9:30-10:00am Breakfast and Welcome

10:00-11:00am The Norm of Posting and the Spread of Epistemically Toxic Content Online
Boaz Miller (Zefat Academic College)
Isaac Record (Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State University)
Commentator: Rory Smead (Northeastern University)

11:05-12:05pm The Constitutional Duty of Veracity
Ava Wright (Northeastern University)
Commentator: Tony Doyle (Lehman College, City College of New York)

12:05-1:15pm Catered Lunch

1:15-2:15 Realizing the Marketplace of Ideas—A Solution to Misinformation Online
Chad Lee-Stronach (Stanford University; Apple University)
Commentator: Mark Wells (Northeastern University)

2:15-3:30pm Panel: LIS Perspectives on Scientific Misinformation
Scientific Curiosity and Librarians’ Duty of Beneficence in Post-Truth Times
Iulian Vamanu (University of Iowa)
Going viral: Viruses and Scientific Misinformation
Shannon Oltmann (University of Kentucky)

3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break

4:00-5:00pm TBA

5:30-6:45pm Location: The Raytheon Amphitheater, Egan Research Center| Keynote I: The Philosophy of Pseudoscience
Massimo Pigliucci (City University of New York)

6:45-7:45pm Reception

Saturday, April 4, 2020

9-9:30am Breakfast

9:30-10:30am Technically-Based Regulation Ideas to Address the Amplification of Misand Dis-Information
Mike Fulk, Tom Kiley, Stacey Galik, Holly Babin, Jenn Galent, and Jennifer Mathieu (MITRE Corporation)
Commentator: Kevin Mills (Northeastern University)

10:35-11:35am Why Research on the Effects of Digital Media on Society could be False and How to Avoid It
Panagiotis Metaxas (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Andreas Jungherr (Universität Konstanz)
Commentator: Ron Robertson (Northeastern University)

11:35-1:40pm Lunch at Local Restaurants

1:40-2:40pm The Prevalence of Backfire Effects after the Correction of Misinformation
Briony Swire-Thompson (Northeastern University)
Joe DeGutis (Harvard Medical School)
Commentator: TBA

2:45-3:45pm P-Hacking, Data Dredging, and Data Science Ethics: Heightening Scientific Misinformation and Public Distrust
Cheryl Brown (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
Commentator: Alex von Stein (University of Arizona)

3:45-4:15pm Coffee Break

4:15-5:30pm Keynote II: Should We Tolerate Climate Denial?
Catriona McKinnon (University of Exeter)

6:00-8:15pm Speaker Dinner

Sunday, April 5, 2020

9-9:30am Breakfast

9:30-10:45am Keynote III: The Scientific Ponzi Scheme
Kevin Zollman (Carnegie Mellon University)

10:55-11:55am Misleading Evidence and Scientific Progress
Peter Lewis (Dartmouth College)
Commentator: Haley Schilling (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

11:55-12:10pm —-Catered Working Lunch—

12:10-1:25pm Panel: Defending Science: The Scientific Method, Statistics, and the Scientific Attitude
Philip Hanser (Boston University)
Lee McIntyre (Boston University)
Marshall Van Alstyne (Boston University)