PIKSI Logic 2018 Summer Institute

Branden Fitelson
Maureen Eckert


Northeastern University


PIKSI- Boston Summer School in Logic- Summer 2018


PIKSI logic 2018 was a smashing success! It brought together eleven students from the U.S., the U.K., and Australia (including Samantha Hirshland, a philosophy major here at Northeastern) and ten instructors from the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., and Australia for an exciting week of logic and networking at Northeastern. One of the PIKSI students summed up the week perfectly; “It was truly transformative to get to brainstorm solutions and discuss future plans with such a talented and diverse group of thinkers. I have no doubt that connections that I have made through PIKSI Logic will stick with me and be instrumental to my future success.”

Background Information: PIKSI-Boston (Philosophy In An Inclusive Key Summer Institute) is an organization that runs philosophy summer schools for under-represented undergraduates from around the US. There is a main Summer Institute, and there are also satellite summer schools. Maureen Eckert and Keota Fields at UMASS-Dartmouth ran an excellent satellite PIKSI in logic last summer (2016). Maureen and Branden Fitelson will be teaming up to organize a sequel at NEU this summer (2018).

Overview/ Plan

Specifically, the program is planning to run a 5-day summer school in logic from July 9 to July 13, 2018. The program will be organized around 5 themes (one per day). For each theme, the program will have two leading experts as instructors. The three of the organizers will be there for the entire program to serve as tutors and mentors for the students. And, they will recruit some local graduate students to serve as additional tutors/mentors for the students. They already have commitments from all 10 instructors.

Theme & Instructors

Day 1Deontic Logic, Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern) and Jennifer Carr (UCSD)

Day 2 Truth & Paradox, Lavinia Picollo (LMU Munich) and Roy T. Cook (Minnesota)

Day 3Conditionals, Alan Hajek (ANU Canberra) and Rachael Briggs (Standford)

Day 4 Vagueness, Diana Raffman (Toronto) and Otávio Bueno (Miami)

Day 5- Applied Logic, Liam Kofi Bright (CMU/ LSE) and Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M)

Advisory Board


  1. The Marc Sanders Foundation
  2. The Ethics Institute @ Northeastern University
  3. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities @ Northeastern

Pictures from PIKSI Logic 2018

For more information, check out the Piksi Program’s website: http://fitelson.org/piksi/