A photo of a group of co-op students with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Integrate co-op into your academic experience

For Students

Cooperative education (co-op) is a signature part of the Experiential Liberal Arts framework and when combined with the rigorous study of society, culture, and politics, it enriches your education. These experiences will help you further develop subject-based knowledge, gain insightful perspective, and build self-awareness and confidence. CSSH students participate in co-op programs both domestically and abroad. Learn more about how co-op fits into your experience at Northeastern.

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Photo of two young employees walking down the hall of a modern corporate office.

Build a human resources pipeline of smart, motivated employees

For Employers

Cooperative education (co-op) allows employers in a wide variety of fields—including government agencies, non-profit and for-profit organizations, educational institutions, publishing houses, law firms, and many more industries—to build a human resources pipeline of energetic young professionals. Learn more about how partnering with Northeastern’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities can give your organization access to bright students who are eager to work, contribute, and learn, while bringing their classroom knowledge outside to you. 

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Photo of two female co-op students with a Cuban flag draped behind them.

Work, contribute, and learn about another culture

Global Co-op

Global co-op provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique international experience by working in communities and organizations around the globe. Global employers gain access to bright, motivated students who are eager to bring their knowledge, skills, and cultural perspective outside of the classroom into another culture. CSSH partners with organizations in a wide variety of global fields, including nonprofit, NGOs, businesses, law firms, and educational institutions, among others. Find out more about how global co-op benefits both students and employers. 

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A photo of a student presenting a co-op poster

Reflect on your co-op—and where it will take you next

Co-op Posters

Reflection is an integral part of the co-op cycle. It helps students realize the takeaways from their co-ops and it informs next steps in their paths. CSSH hosts co-op poster expos where students can share their co-op learning experiences with other students, faculty, and staff members. Explore students’ experiences and the employers for whom they worked through the posters or our interactive pathways feature.

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