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Post A Co-op Job


NUcareers presents an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage co-op job postings, permanent  job offerings, and review co-op resumes and permanent job applications. Employers can also participate in recruiting activities such as career fairs and on-campus interviews.

To gain access to NUcareers go to https://nucareers.northeastern.edu/employers/overview.htm.

QuickStart videos demonstrating the basic steps to getting access, posting jobs, and reviewing applications, are also available to you here: https://www.northeastern.edu/nucareershelp/2016/07/01/908/.

Thank you for your ongoing support of cooperative education at Northeastern University. If you have technical questions about NUcareers, please send a note to nucareers_help@northeastern.edu, and/or contact a coordinator. Explore and use the “NUcareersHelp” website to learn more about how advising and assisting co-op employers with accessing and using NUcareers. Also, feel free to consult our help blog.