The 1st Annual CSSH Undergraduate Research Forum

March 31, 2015
2 - 5:30 p.m.
310 Renaissance Park

Reception to follow the forum

Social Movements and Social Enterprise

Panel 1: Social Movements and Social Enterprise (2:00 - 3:05 p.m.)

Faculty Discussant: Liza Weinstein, Sociology and Anthropology


Nina Angeles (International Affairs and Human Services)

“Growing the Social Enterprise Movement: The Barriers and Opportunities in Jordan’s Palestinian Refugee Communities”

Project Advisor: Sarah Tobin, Visiting Scholar, Political Science


Theresa Jacobs (History and Asian Studies)

“Understanding Dissent in China”

Project Advisors: Tom Havens and Philip Thai, History


Sam Manning (International Affairs)

“Risk Aversion and the Value of Business Growth vs. Consistency for Subsistence Entrepreneurs in the Philippines”

Project Advisor: Valentine Moghadam, International Affairs


Kristen L. Miller (International Affairs)

“It Takes a Network to Fight a Network: Movement-to-Movement Influence, Shared Identity, and Solidarity”

Project Advisor: Kimberly Jones, International Affairs



Discourse and Representation

Panel 2: Discourse and Representation (3:10 - 4:15 p.m.)

Faculty Discussant: Nicole Aljoe, English


Morgan Adderley (International Affairs)

“Representations of the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean”

Project Advisor: Nicole Aljoe, English


Lindsey Bressler (International Affairs and Economics) and Taylor Straatmann (International Affairs and Economics)

“Diversity and Discourse: Addressing Religion in the Classroom”

Project Advisor: Elizabeth Bucar, Philosophy and Religion


Pallavi Dasari (Human Services)

“The Social Media Response by Muslim American Youth to Post-9/11 Racial/Religious Profiling”

Project Advisor: Mindelyn Buford, Sociology


Katherine Frisher (International Affairs)

“When Women Aren’t Victims: Narratives of Women’s Violence in Ethnic Political Conflict”

Project Advisor: Valentine Moghadam, International Affairs

Human Rights and Social Justice

Panel 3: Human Rights and Social Justice (4:25 - 5:30 p.m.)

Faculty Discussant: Serena Parekh, Philosophy and Religion


Parth Baxi (History and Economics) and Sarah Schulte (International Affairs)

“Dynamic Collective Security System: The Evolving Nature of Risk”

Project Advisor: Glenn Pierce, Criminology and Criminal Justice


Meghan Murdock (Political Science and Business Administration)

“Free Press, Fair Trial: The Conflicting Constitutional Rights of the Criminal Justice System and Their Public Policy Implications”

Project Advisors: Barry Bluestone, Public Policy and Urban Affairs, and Paola Cesarini, Honors Program


Martha Emily Pearson (History)

“Boston Before Busing: A Multimedia Exhibition Exploring Education Civil Rights in Boston from 1960-1974”

Project Advisor: Bill Fowler, History


Sarah E. Pugh (Political Science)

“Predicting the Fate of the Judiciary”

Project Advisor: Michael Tolley, Political Science