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Jordi Jaumandreu

Part-Time Lecturer


Professor Jaumandreu is a microeconomist, active in applied research using microeconometric techniques, particularly in the area of industrial organization. Current work includes the measurement of firms’ markups, the assessment of firm-level labor-augmenting productivity, and the measurement of firm-level demand heterogeneity, dynamic pricing and endogenous productivity determinants. His research has always kept organized around the topics of productivity, employment, innovation, including public policy towards innovation, and firm behavior.

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Automobile demand, model cycle and age effects, with M.Moral, Spanish Economic Review, 9, 193-218, 2007 (best SER article prize 2006-2007).
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Input cost, capacity utilization and substitution in the short run, with M.Delgado and A. Martín-Marcos, Spanish Economic Review 3, 239-262, 1999.

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  • Education

    Ph.D. in Economics, UNED, Madrid, Spain.

  • Address

    312 Lake Hall
    Northeastern University
    Boston, MA 02115