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Sahar Mirzaee

Visiting Faculty

Sahar Mirzaee is a visiting lecturer and researcher at the Department of Public Policy and Urban affairs at Northeastern University. She has a phd in public policy from Northeastern University where she studied social and environmental resilience of urban areas in her dissertation “Assessing Urban Resilience Using Network Science and Data Mining”. Her main research interests are computational social science, systems dynamics, social networks, ethical data analytics and visualization.

Mirzaee, S., Fannon, D., & Ruth, M. (2019). A comparison of preference elicitation methods
for multi-criteria design decisions about resilient and sustainable buildings. Environment
Systems and Decisions, 1-15.

Mirzaee, S., Ruth, M., & Fannon, D. (2019). Reconciling diverse perspectives of decision
makers on resilience and sustainability. Handbook on Resilience of Socio-Technical
Systems, 360.

Mirzaee, S., Özgun, O., Ruth, M., & Binita, K. C. (2018). Neighborhood-scale sky view factor
variations with building density and height: A simulation approach and case study of
Boston. Urban Climate, 26, 95-108.

Tang, L., Ruth, M., He, Q., & Mirzaee, S. (2017). Comprehensive evaluation of trends in
human settlements quality changes and spatial differentiation characteristics of 35 Chinese
major cities. Habitat International, 70, 81-90.

Ruth, M., Ghosh, S., Mirzaee, S., & Lee, N. S. (2017). Co-benefits and co-costs of climate
action plans for low-carbon cities. In Creating Low Carbon Cities (pp. 15-28). Springer,

Ruth, M., Zhu, J., Lee, N. S., & Mirzaee, S. (2015). Creating and evaluating Co-Benefits and
Co-Costs of environmental policies and investments in urban areas. Place-Based Evaluation
for Integrated Land-Use Management, 27.

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