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PhD – Commencement Checklist

To ensure you have fulfilled all of the required steps in the commencement clearance process, please complete the step-by-step checklist, in order, below.

  1. Apply to graduate via myNortheastern.
    (Note:  you must do this regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in a ceremony.  If you receive an error message via myNortheastern, please contact your department’s administrator as your “expected graduation date” may need to be updated.)
  2. Arrange your defense date, time and location with your department.
    • The defense must be publicly advertised for at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense. This includes an announcement on the Graduate Office web site and an announcement sent by the student’s academic department. Please email the following to gradcssh@northeastern.edu and your department’s Graduate Program Administrator as soon as the defense is scheduled, but no later than two weeks prior to the defense:
    • The defense should be held at least 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline so please keep this in mind.
    • The student and at least two committee members must be present in person at the defense. All internal and external commitee members are expected to participate in the defense.
  1. Prepare and print your Northeastern University Graduate Approval Record.
  2. Make an appointment with the Graduate Office for a format review.  This appointment should occur 1-2 weeks prior to your defense. The Thesis Formatting Guidelines explains what you should bring to the appointment.
  3. Submit your Survey of Earned Doctorates on-line (PhD students only).
  4. Defend your thesis or dissertation prior to the Graduate Office deadline leaving adequate time for you to make revisions as required by your committee.
  5. Finalize your edits and obtain signatures on the NU Graduate Approval Record.  Note that edits cannot be made once the signatures are obtained.
  6. Submit your signed (including your Department Chair’s signature) NU Graduate Approval Record to the Graduate Office, 180 Renaissance Park.
  7. Submit your employment information, including employer name and job title, to the Graduate Office, gradcssh@northeastern.edu
  8. Submit your thesis or dissertation to the Proquest/UMI web site as soon as the Graduate Office signs the NU Graduate Approval Record.