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Commencement Checklist

For Students Completing Theses and Dissertations

To ensure you have fulfilled all of the required steps in the commencement clearance process, please complete the step-by-step checklist, in order, below.

  1. Apply to Graduate. The myNortheastern “Apply to Graduate” link becomes active in mid-October for students whose expected graduation dates fall within the current academic year. If you receive an error message, contact your degree program’s administrator as your expected graduation date may need to be updated.
  2. Make arrangements for your dissertation defense. PhD students only
  3. Make an appointment with the Graduate Office for a format review.

  4. Prepare and print your Graduate Approval Record.

  5. Submit your Survey of Earned Doctorates online. PhD students only
  6. Defend your dissertation/Submit your Thesis. Bring your Graduate Approval Record to the defense.
  7. Finalize your edits.
  8. Submit your signed Graduate Approval Record to the CSSH Graduate Office in 180 Renaissance Park. Note that edits cannot be made once all signatures are obtained.
  9. Send your post-commencement employment information, including employer name and job title, to the CSSH Graduate Office, gradcssh@northeastern.edu.
  10. Upload your thesis or dissertation to the Proquest/UMI website as soon as the CSSH Graduate Office confirms the receipt of your Graduate Approval Record.