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Resources for Current Students

Resources for CSSH Graduate Students

New Students: Find tips and resources for newly admitted CSSH graduate students on our New Student Information page.

Academic Calendar

You can view Academic Calendars on the Registrar’s website. Select “Graduate (except College of Professional Studies and School of Law).”

General Regulations

Our CSSH Graduate Programs General Regulations booklet reviews the minimum academic requirements established by the College. This booklet is updated annually.

Graduate Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog contains Northeastern University’s primary statements about student academic life, conduct, and the responsibilities of students and the University to one another, as authorized by the President or the Board of Trustees. Please note that individual departments may also have their own handbooks, and students should refer to them for more specific information.

The Academic Catalog contains current information about admissions, degree requirements, fees, and regulations; however, such information is not intended and should not be regarded to be contractual.

For CSSH Graduate Programs general regulations, see General Regulations above.

Graduate Degree Audits

Active students can review their coursework through the curriculum and track academic progress towards graduation using the degree audit system. Instructions can be found on the Registrar’s Degree Audit website, under “Graduate (non-CPS) and School of Law.”  If you have questions or concerns about your audit, consult the graduate program administrator in your department.

Ph.D. Network

The Northeastern Ph.D. Network is an organization designed to build community among Ph.D. students. The Network provides students with support and resources university-wide to enhance their educational experience and career preparation.

Cooperative Education (Co-op) for Master’s Students

All CSSH master’s programs offer an optional Cooperative Education Experience (“Co-op”) to eligible students. Learn more.


Students having trouble accessing any of the PDF forms below should contact the Graduate Office at 617-373-5990.

PlusOne Admission Application

This form must be completed by current Northeastern undergraduate students who are applying to a PlusOne degree program. The PlusOne website has a list of the departments that offer PlusOne degree programs. The deadline to apply for Fall entry is August 1.

Internal Admission Application Notification Form

The Internal Admission Application Notification Form is completed by current students who wish to apply to a degree program, such as Special Student to degree program, master’s to PhD, or one master’s program to another within the same department.

Leave of Absence

Requests for all non-medical LOAs are submitted via myNortheastern prior to the start of the semester for which the leave is being requested.

Transfer Credit Form

The Transfer Credit Form is completed by students who wish to transfer credits from another accredited U.S. institution.

Directed Study

Requests for directed study are submitted via myNortheastern prior to the start of the semester for which the student wishes to enroll.

Graduating Students

Apply to Graduate

The myNortheastern “Apply to Graduate” link becomes active in mid-October for students whose expected graduation dates fall within the current academic year. If you receive an error message, contact your degree program’s administrator as your expected graduation date may need to be updated.

Degree Conferral and Graduate Commencement Ceremonies

Visit the Northeastern University Commencement website for general information and Frequently Asked Questions.

For information specific to the annual CSSH graduate commencement ceremonies, see Graduate Commencement.

Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Guidelines

All students who plan to submit a thesis or dissertation should follow these formatting guidelines. The Graduate Office hopes that students find this information helpful as they work toward completing their degree requirements.

Commencement Checklist For Students Completing Theses and Dissertations

To ensure you have fulfilled all of the required steps in the commencement clearance process, please complete the step-by-step checklist, in order, below.

  1. Apply to Graduate (see above)
  2. Make arrangements for your dissertation defensePhD students only
  3. Make an appointment with the Graduate Office for a format review.
  4. Prepare and print your Graduate Approval Record.
  5. Submit your Survey of Earned DoctoratesPhD students only
  6. Defend your dissertation or submit your Thesis. Bring your Graduate Approval Record to the defense.
  7. Finalize your edits.
  8. Submit your signed Graduate Approval Record to the CSSH Graduate Office in 180 Renaissance Park. Note that edits cannot be made to your manuscript once all signatures are obtained.
  9. Send your post-commencement employment information, including employer name and job title, to the CSSH Graduate Office, gradcssh@northeastern.edu.
  10. Upload your thesis or dissertation to the Proquest/UMI website as soon as the CSSH Graduate Office confirms the receipt of your Graduate Approval Record.

Survey of Earned Doctorates for PhD Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED). The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is done online, and is a required component of the commencement clearance process. If students are uncomfortable with answering some of the questions, they may leave them blank. The SED should be submitted before the student brings the Northeastern Graduate Approval Record to the Graduate Office. The Graduate Office will receive electronic confirmation of students’ survey completion via SED.