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Fellowship Opportunities

Effective AY 19-20, CSSH will offer competitive semester-long fellowship opportunities to its full-time PhD students. These will include: (1) experiential fellowships; (2) fieldwork fellowships; and (3) dissertation completion fellowships (in partnership with the Provost’s Office). We anticipate awarding 1-3 of each type of competitive fellowship each semester.

Semester-long experiential fellowships will facilitate experiential endeavors for students interested in a placement with an external partner who is not able to otherwise support the student. Semester-long fieldwork fellowships will permit students to retain their stipend while they collect data or conduct fieldwork directly related to their own dissertation work. Dissertation completion fellowships are for students approaching degree completion and are awarded in what is expected to be the final semester.


To qualify for the experiential fellowship, the student must have identified and secured interest from an external partner organization. For both the fieldwork and dissertation completion fellowship, the applicant must have successfully defended their dissertation proposal at the time of application. For the dissertation completion fellowship, the student should be in the final stages of writing/revising (this is particularly important given the Provost’s Office’s expectation of a successful dissertation defense in the term of the award).


Students will submit an application here (DCF applicants must also submit the required materials to the Provost’s Office). It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all required materials are submitted by the application deadline:

  1. Application for the fellowship, specifying the type of fellowship and including sufficient detail about the opportunity and information about past and current funding from Northeastern or from external sources.  Supporting materials should be emailed as attachments to gradcssh@northeastern.edu with the subject “CSSH fellowship application supporting materials”
    1. If applying for an experiential fellowship, please provide a description of the opportunity and its connection to your research program and attach a letter of interest or intent from the proposed partner entity or organization (a copy of an email will suffice).  Please send supporting materials to gradcssh@northeastern.edu
    2. If applying for a fieldwork fellowship or dissertation completion fellowship, please provide a description of the current status of the dissertation with a detailed timetable for completion, a copy of the approved dissertation proposal, and evidence of IRB approval.  Please send supporting materials to gradcssh@northeastern.edu
  2. Letter of recommendation from the advisor that describes the importance of the work and includes a clear assessment of the feasibility of the proposed activity. Letters of recommendation for fieldwork and dissertation completion fellowships must include a statement about the student’s timeline and likely program completion trajectory.
  3. Letter of support from the Graduate Committee (and/or Graduate Program Director) evaluating the merit of the proposed activity and the fellowship application. The letter of support should describe the student’s standing in the program and must include a statement regarding the feasibility of the student taking a fellowship semester (should one be awarded).

The letters of recommendation and support should be delivered in sealed envelopes to the graduate office (or via email to gradcssh@northeastern.edu with the subject “fellowship recommendation” and the applicant’s last name).


June 1 (for Fall semester fellowships)
October 1 (for Spring semester fellowships)
February 1 (for Summer semester fellowships)

An ad hoc faculty subcommittee will review applications and make recommendations to the Dean (or her delegate). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Notification of fellowship decisions will be sent to applicants and their advisors within approximately 30 days of the application deadline.