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Student Outcomes

Graduates of Northeastern’s Ph.D. program, and Masters programs in both world history and public history have gone on to work in a range of academic programs and fields around the country. Graduates who have earned a Ph.D. are currently teaching and conducting research at various institutions, including: Oberlin College, Delaware State University, the National University of Singapore, Bowling Green State University, and Harvard University. Graduates who have earned a Masters Degree in public history are employed as editors at Harvard University Press, Bedford/St Martin’s Publishing and Houghton-Mifflin; as museum curators at the JFK Library, the Indiana Historical Society, and the Texas State Library; and as researchers at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society and the Adams National Historic Site. The diversity of these positions, as well as their prestige, speaks to the quality of graduate education at Northeastern University. Please see below for a more comprehensive list of our graduates and where they are currently working.


Sarah Swedberg Ph. D 1999 Associate Professor, Mesa State University
Bridget Gilbert MA-PH 1999 Curator, Stan Hylet House, Akron, OH
Emily Jansen MA-PH 1999 Independent Film Maker, Houston, TX
James Williams MA-PH 1999 Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN
Pamela Brooks Ph. D 2000 Associate Professor, Oberlin College
David Kalivas Ph.D. 2000 Professor, Middlesex Community College
Jeffrey Sommers Ph.D 2001 Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin   -Milwaukee
Eric Martin Ph. D 2001 Associate Professor, Lewis-Clark State College
Yinghong Cheng Ph. D 2001 Assistant Professor, Delaware State University
Laurie Claing MA-PH 2002 JFK Library, Audio-Visual Archives
George Reklaitis Ph.D. 2003 Chair, History Department, Brookdale
Community College
Deborah Smith Johnston Ph.D. 2003 World History Teacher, Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts
Steven Corvi Ph.D. 2003 Independent historian and published author
Bin Yang Ph. D 2004 Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Jeremey Neill Ph. D 2004 Assessment Specialist and Test Developer in History and Social Sciences at Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Whitney Howarth Ph. D 2004 Associate Professor, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire
George Dehner Ph.D. 2004 Associate Professor of History, Wichita State University
Jennifer Kaye MA-PH 2004 Senior Education Specialist, Wisconsin Veterans Museum, Madison, WI
Stacy Tweedy Ph.D. 2005
Jeanine Rees MA-PH 2005 Archivist, Congressional Budget Office, Washington, D.C.
Paul Blankman MA-PH 2005 Editor, Houghton-Mifflin, Boston, MA
Denise Hendylmeyer MA-PH 2006 Manager, TX State Library and Archives Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, Dallas, TX
Brendan Wilson MA-PH 2006 Adams National Historic Site, Quincy, MA
Suzanne Carroll MA-PH 2006 Massachusetts Historical Society
Tiffany Trimmer Ph. D 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Jennifer Jovin MA-PH 2007 Associate  Editor,  History, Bedford/St Martin’s  Publishing Co. Boston
Alison Carter MA-PH 2007 Exhibitions Director, Newton Historical Society, Newton, MA
Christopher Harris Ph.D. 2007
Mark Schmidt MA 2007 Executive Director, Falmouth Museums on the Green
Julie Arrison MA-PH 2007 Consultant (American Lead) at Great Western Entertainment; Salem Lead at RunBoston
Aiqun Hui Ph. D. 2008 Associate Professor, Arkansas State University
Natira Pancsofar MA-PH 2008 Researcher, New England Historic and Geneological Society
Mary (Blauss) Edwards MA-PH 2008 Researcher, New England Historic and Geneological Society
Laura Bray MA-PH 2008 National Archives, Washington, DC
Emily Berry Ph.D. 2009 Faculty, Billerica High School
Douglas Meyer MA 2009 Communications Director, Downtown Crossing Partnership, Boston
Joshua Weiner Ph.D. 2009 Assistant Professor, American River College
Marietta Carr MA 2010 Library Technician and Administrative Office Specialist, McCormick Library, Harrisburg, PA
Robert Damon MA-PH 2010 Historic Site Manager, Old North Foundation, Boston
Lauren Matoian MA-PH 2010 Conservation Assistant, New England Historical and Geneological Society
Dariusz G. Jonczyk Ph.D. 2011 Pastor, St. Joseph Church, Central Falls, RI
Rachel Gillet Ph. D 2011 Lecturer, History and Literature Program, Harvard University
Rachel Moloshok MA-PH 2011 Managing Editor of Publications and Associate Manager of Scholarly Programs, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Samantha Christiansen Ph.D. 2013 Assistant Professor of Asian & World History, Marywood University
Victoria Hallinan Ph.D. 2013 Associate Director of Liberal Studies,
Boston Architectural College
Zachary Scarlett Ph.D. 2013 Assistant Professor, Modern China, Butler University
 Dalia Wassner  Ph.D.  2012  Post-doc, Boston University and Instructor, Emerson University
 James Bradford  Ph.D  2013  Lecturer, Berklee College of Music
 Andrew Jarboe  Ph.D  2014  Lecturer, Berklee College of Music
 Burleigh Hendrickson  Ph.D  2014  Post-doc, Boston College
 Ethan Hawkley  Ph.D  2014  Visiting Professor, Macalester College