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How Model Arab League brought me to Qatar

The best thing you can do at Northeastern, and I’ve said it so many times its impulsive when I talk about the school I love so much, is to get involved in clubs. It opens doors, gives you a strong community of friends, and will change your entire college experience.

Case in point, my trip to Qatar was solely because of my participation in Model Arab League and the relationship I then developed with our faculty advisor. Because of this club, I’ve made friends for life, worked on a political campaign for the advisor, and most notably travelled around the world. That is also my second piece of advice: don’t shy away from exploring. It’s one of the best things about Northeastern. So far I’ve been to Romania, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and Doha, Qatar because of the opportunities Northeastern has allowed me to pursue.

“…my trip to Qatar was solely because of my participation in Model Arab League and the relationship I then developed with our faculty advisor….

Qatar was a trip I will always treasure. It was transformative in that it opened my eyes more fully to the way life is lived in another culture, and was a marked departure from my normal travels. I met fantastic people with rich culture and history. We dined with diplomats, toured Al Jazeera, and met the World Cup Committee. Qatar has become one of my favorite destinations, and emerging prominence in the region and the world reflects a strong commitment to modernization.

So don’t be afraid to come to Northeastern, because once you are here, you’ll have any number of opportunities to find people with the same interests as you, and from there, it can take you to fantastic and unexpected places.

P.S. Join Model Arab League, UN, or NATO. We’d be happy to have you!

This blog post was written by Alex Carlin, a Political Science/Economics combined major. You can contact him at

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