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CSSH Pandemic Public Teaching Initiative: Call for Proposals due June 12th


The Pandemic Teaching Initiative, which is supported by the CSSH Office of the Dean, the Northeastern Humanities Center, the Ethics Institute, the SPPUA and the NULab, seeks to create a set of publicly accessible lessons/modules that explore topics related to pandemics and their disruptions and impacts. These modules will be published as part of an online, open-access library of lessons that will be available to the Northeastern community and campus network–faculty, students, and alumni–as well as the public at large. The library will also serve as the basis for an open, online event series beginning in Fall 2020. The initiative hopes to use this radical disruption as an opportunity to deepen learning about relevant issues, theories, methodologies, texts, or phenomena, such as, for example: literary representations of contagion; the ethics of triage; online learning; refugees and statelessness; scientific misinformation; trauma theory, healing and writing; epistemology of modeling; apocalyptics; social inequalities and public policy. Ultimately, the initiative’s goal is to provide a growing set of resources that can be shared widely and combined flexibly in a variety of curricular and public contexts.


The initiative is looking for modules/lessons that contain roughly the same amount of content covered in a week of online instruction.  All modules must be built in Canvas and have the following components:

  1. A short video/recorded introduction to the topic, its importance in the context of the pandemic;
  2. Background academic and popular readings/materials on the topic that are accessible to a non-specialist, possibly including videos and articles that demonstrate how the issue was presented during the pandemic;
  3. Lesson/content delivery, which could take any number of forms, such as lectures, panel discussions, interviews, podcasts, etc.;
  4. Exercises/activities associated with the lesson;
  5. Possible assignment for an instructor to use (could be connected to the activity); and
  6. Directions on how to learn more, such as, additional readings or resources.


To aid in its mission of creating a library of publicly accessible lessons/modules that fit the aforementioned criteria, the Pandemic Teaching Initiative is inviting one-page proposals that including the following:


Please send all proposals to Gaby Fiorenza (g.fiorenza@northestern.edu) by June 12thYou will be notified of acceptance by June 19th.  Completed modules should be submitted no later than August 13th.  Once their lessons/modules are completed (including any necessary revisions), individual faculty will receive a $1,500 stipend and teams of two faculty will receive $2,000 (or $1,000 each).


If you have any questions about the initiative or the submission process, please contact any of the following directors:

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