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Advisory Board Member Martin Blatt awarded 2020 NCPH Robert Kelley Memorial Award

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Martin Blatt, Northeastern Humanities Center Advisory Board Member, Professor of the Practice, and Director of Public History program, received the 2020 Robert Kelley Memorial Award from the National Council on Public History (NCPH) on March 21st.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s award winners for outstanding achievement in a variety of public history formats. The Robert Kelley Memorial Award honors distinguished achievements by individuals, institutions, or nonprofit or corporate entities for making history relevant to individuals outside of academia.

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From the NCPH: “Martin Blatt is a great example of the impact public history work can have. Blatt is deserving of this award for his decades of service to the National Council on Public History and the field at-large, his work with students and public historians at all levels, and for bringing his considerable practitioner experience to an academic setting. He has also shown a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and grassroots history through his work with the National Park Service and with a variety of organizations in the Boston area and beyond. As one of his nominators explained, “Dr. Blatt is a career public historian who deserves the recognition brought with the Robert Kelley Memorial Award because of his sustained efforts to enact social justice by continuously seeking to expand the stories shared in some of our nation’s most historically-significant sites.” Congratulations, Marty!”

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