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Faculty Works-in-Progress: Nicholas Beauchamp


  Nicholas Beauchamp Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science             “Trajectories of Hate: Mapping the Development of Racism and Misogyny On Social Media”

Faculty Works-in-Progress: Angela Kilby


    Angela Kilby             Assistant Professor, Department of Economics             “Algorithmic Fairness in Predicting Opioid Use Disorder using Machine Learning”

Faculty Works-in-Progress: “Authority and Subversion” Fellows 2019-2020


    Matthew Bowser Ph.D Canddiate, Department of History             “Misdirected Rage: The Anti-Immigrant Response to Co-Colonialism and Capitalism in Myanmar and the Origins of Burmese Islamophobia, 1930-1947”   Carla Kaplan Professor, Department of English ““Queen of the Muckrakers:” Jessica Mitford and the Arts of Activism” William Miles Professor, Department of Political Science and International Affairs Program…
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Faculty Works-in-Progress: Chis Gallagher


Chris Gallagher             Vice Chancellor for Global Learning Opportunities             Professor, Department of English             “Writing Across Contexts: CSSH Writers at Work”

Faculty Works-in-Progress: Fellows “Authority and Subversion” 2019-2020


    Candice Delmas Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion and Department of Political Science  “Resistance from the Margins” Ekaterina Botchkovar               Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice “War Exposure and Degradation of Morality: The Case of Ukraine”   Summer Marion      Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political…
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Faculty Works-in-Progress: Fellows “Authority and Subversion” 2019-2020


    Risa Kitagawa     Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and International Affairs Program “Recasting National Narratives A Text Analysis of Truth Commission Testimonies” Patricia Mabrouk Professor, Department of Chemistry “Them and Us: The Impact of Power and Privilege on Chemistry Doctoral Students’ Ethical Decision Making about Authorship”