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Boston International Security Graduate Conference

Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Location: 909 Renaissance Park
Sponsored By: Northeastern University Security Studies Collaborative Research Cluster
Contact: petrich.k@husky.neu.edu
More Information: https://neuinternationalsecurity.weebly.com/

The Boston International Security Graduate Conference is a one-day conference hosted by
Northeastern University’s Department of Political Science, to be held on February 23, 2018 in
Boston, MA. This conference features research by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows on
themes related to contemporary and emerging issues in security studies. It will serve as a forum
for early career researchers to present works in progress and receive faculty and peer feedback.
Participants will engage with a broad definition of security issues and actors, from a variety of
geographic contexts and methodological approaches. The conference format includes a morning
session comprised of concurrent break-out groups to workshop early-stage research, followed by
an afternoon of plenary panels for late-stage work. Each group or panel will be led by a faculty
discussant and a graduate student chair. More information may be found on the conference
The conference is planned and organized by the International Security
Studies Working Group, a CSSH Collaborative Research Cluster which aims to foster
discussion among scholars at Boston-area institutions exploring interdisciplinary research
relating to traditional state-centric security studies, as well as related topics in international
cooperation and human security. The primary objective of this graduate student-led network is
the facilitation of training, mentorship, and research by connecting doctoral students across
institutions with one another as well as with more experienced scholars. In doing so, the group
offers support for presentation, peer review, and publication of research as well as
methodological and pedagogical training. Through fostering collaboration among students and
faculty, this initiative seeks to explore, expand, and innovate on emerging topics in the field of
security studies.

Please RSVP here.

For a list of presenters and presentation topics, click here. 

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