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Call for Proposals

Health, Humanities, and Society Research Funding

Applications and Information can be found here.


The Health, Humanities, and Society Initiative invites students to apply for funding to use methods from the humanities and social sciences to pursue health-related research.

Applicants have two options. They can either propose independent research or propose to join an existing faculty-led research project.

Create your own research project

If you already know what questions you want to ask and have a faculty mentor identified, you can apply for up to $750 to purchase necessary equipment or supplies, travel to relevant libraries and archives, or pay yourself a stipend.

Applications for self-directed research will require a summary of your research project that identifies research questions, relevant methods, addresses the larger scholarship to which your research speaks, and clearly outlines the contributions you expect to make to your chosen field. You will also be asked for a preliminary budget, the name and email address of your faculty mentor, and clear statement of how this research will benefit your studies.

Join an existing research project led by a faculty member

If you want to join an ongoing research project, you can apply for a $500 stipend to support your research. These applications will ask you to provide information about the project you wish to join, its director, and your expected role. You will need to be able to identify what you will specifically accomplish doing this work (i.e. what piece of the project will become yours) and how this will contribute to your education and career path.

You can find information on existing projects at the Health, Humanities, and Society website

If you are interested in joining a project that isn’t listed here, please contact Professor Chris Parsons at c.parsons@northeastern.edu

Information for both applications can be found here.

Applications are due December 9th, 2019 by 5pm. Completed forms can be sent to athwal.n@husky.neu.edu with the email subject set as “HHS – [type of application – independent OR joint] – [YOUR LAST NAME]”

For additional information, please contact Professor Chris Parsons at c.parsons@northeastern.edu