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Violence Prevention the Meaning of First Responders

by Emily Mann, Wheelock College’s Aspire Wire: Ideas, Conversation, Action (May 28, 2013)

We should be outraged about it all. Columbine. Newtown. Aurora. Virginia Tech. Some stories of violence make the news and stay in the news .  Some stories we may not hear about at all. We won’t know the names of the victims.  But whether it is on the front page of the Boston Globe, the back pages of the  New York Times, or not in the paper at all, it is worthy of outrage.

Slate.com has been compiling homicides since Newtown. It is not a perfect record, but an approximation of the violence that is seen (even if not noticed) in America.  Spend some time there and you will learn about the men and women, children and infants, yes—infants, who have been killed by gun violence in the United States these past few months.  At my last look, it was 3,774 people. I’m outraged.

Learn more here.

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