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3Qs: Quelling the unrest in Ferguson with Gordana Rabrenovic

In a news conference this week, President Obama called for peace in Ferguson, saying, “As Americans, we’ve got to use this moment to seek out our shared humanity that’s been laid bare by this moment.” What are some steps protestors and law enforcement officials can take to promote cooperation and understanding between each other—or is it too late to reconcile their differences?

In order to rebuild trust between the community and the police, the political leaders, the community members, and the representatives of the local government need to critically examine the excessive use of force by police in Ferguson. They need to look at formal police procedures and the actual outcomes of encounters in the community. In addition, the more general question of how to better monitor police use of force in the community must be addressed. A key step for development of better relations and trust between the police and community is to make the police decision-making process transparent to the community. Over the longer term, Ferguson needs to address the racial and ethnic makeup of the police force, and the community must be informed and included in this process.

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