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Service Learning: Roommates

Chelsea Lauder & Porter Warrick Hess

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Porter is the S-LTA for Rebekah Moore’s Music & Social Justice course
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Chelsea is a Service-Learning Team Manager and the S-LTA for Sebastian Stockman’s First-Year Writing course


How did you and your roommate meet?

Chelsea: In an S-L course! We met in the course Human Services Professions freshman year (Spring 2016) and bonded over our love of Yoga!
Porter: We met in the S-L Human Services Professions class and bonded over our Service-Learning site, Generation Citizen. After running into each other at a bunch of yoga classes, we started planning yoga dates and the rest is history.

Did your roommate impact your decision to join the Service-Learning team?  Who joined first?

Chelsea: I would like to say I impacted her decision! I encouraged her to apply when Lisa said she still need TAs for the semester.
Porter: Yes! I didn’t really know much about the S-L team until this semester when she mentioned they are still looking for people to TA. She helped me apply and figure out what I was doing the first couple weeks.

What’s one thing someone wouldn’t know about your roommate just by looking at them?

Chelsea: That she has a 15-pound cat… Chirp Chirp is definitely considered our third roommate.
Porter: Chels is from Wisconsin and is a huge Green Bay Packers fan.

What has been your favorite Service-Learning experience so far?

Chelsea: I can’t stress how much I love the community I’ve gained from S-L activities. I love meeting new people and building lasting relationships within the S-L realm!
Porter: The Dialogue of Civilizations to Zambia was an unforgettable experience. Chelsea and I were also roommates in Zambia and shared a tiny room for a month. While it was definitely challenging, I learned a lot and LOVED my S-L placement and the weekend safari trips.

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