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Art at the Crossroads of Health and Racial Justice

Join award-winning filmmaker André Lee, Northeastern faculty, and community leaders for a keynote address and panel discussion highlighting the power of bringing public health and the arts together to advance health equity and racial justice.

André Lee’s film Virtually Free, which won the Jury Award for Impact at the 9th Annual Social Impact Media Awards, will be available for screening to all participants.

This film will also be the focus of a panel discussion incliding:

  • André Lee, Director of Virtually Free
  • Sid, youth ambassador for Virtually Free
  • Rebekah E. Moore, Assistant Professor of Music and Faculty Scholar, Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research
  • Lisa Simmons, Director of the Roxbury International Film Festival
  • Dev Luthra, Artistic Director of And Still We Rise
  • Alisa Lincoln, Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology, Director of Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research

The panel will be moderated by Amy Halliday, Director of the Northeastern Center for the Arts. This event celebrates National Public Health Week and is a part of Department of Health Sciences Innovators in Health Equity and Racial Justice speaker series.

This event is Thursday, April 7, 2021 from 12:00 PM-1:30 PM EST.

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