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The 21st annual International Industrial Organization Conference will be held in-person from April 21 – 23, 2023 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC. The conference will include panel discussions and contributed sessions on all topics in industrial organization including antitrust economics and regulation.  

The call for papers will go out in late November 2022.

Program Committee

• Emek Basker, U.S. Census Bureau
• Zach Brown, University of Michigan
• Jay Pil Choi, Michigan State University
• Robert Clark, Queens University
• Chris Conlon, New York University
• Nicolas DeRoos, University of Sydney
• Alon Eizenberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
• Chiara Farronato, Harvard University
• Alberto Galasso, University of Toronto
• Matthew Grennan, University of California, Berkeley
• Paul Grieco, Penn State
• Chun-Yu Ho, University at Albany, SUNY
• Ryan Kellogg, University of Chicago
• Margaret Kyle, MINES ParisTech
• Haizhen Lin, Indiana University
• Jingfeng Lu, National University of Singapore
• Yao Luo, University of Toronto
• Guillermo Marshall, University of British Columbia
• Matthew Mitchell, University of Toronto
• Peter Newberry, University of Georgia
• Devesh Raval, Federal Trade Commission
• Imke Reimers, Northeastern University
• Andrew Rhodes, Toulouse School of Economics
• Nicolas Schutz, University of Mannheim
• Gloria Sheu, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
• Michelle Sovinsky, University of Mannheim
• Ashley Swanson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Matthijs Wildenbeest, University of Arizona
• Jonathan Williams, University of North Carolina

Contact Information:

Industrial Organization Society
c/o Northeastern University Department of Economics
301 Lake Hall
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 373-2887

Kathleen Downey