Northeastern Students4Giving 10th Anniversary


2016 Social Impact Conference

“Making a Difference in a Complex World: Reimagining the Social Change Toolkit”


2015 Social Impact Conference

“From Inspiration to Action: Advancing Social Innovation through Human-Centered Design”


2014 Social Impact Conference

“Know Your Place: Unleashing the Power of Local Philanthropy”


A Week for Peace with Emmanuel Jal

In October 2013, the Social Impact Lecture Series co-hosted A Week for Peace with Emmanuel Jal. Emmanuel Jal is a world-renowned hip hop artist and  former child soldier, recruited at the age of seven by the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army. He is now a global hip hop starauthoractor, political activist, and humanitarian who uses music to promote peace and human rights Jal launched his We Want Peace campaign with a video featuring Peter Gabriel, Alicia Keyes, Ringo Starr, George Clooney, and Kofi Annan. His TED talk provides a glimpse of what Northeastern students experienced when he was here in December 2012 and October 2013.


2013 Social Impact Conference

“Moving the Needle: Philanthropy’s Role in Policy, Advocacy, and Systems Change”


2012 Social Impact Conference

“From Mission to Market: Funding Social Impact in the New Economy”