Director and Associate Teaching Professor, Human Services Program

Lori Gardinier

Lori Gardinier, MSW, PhD, is the Director of Human Services at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where she was also the founder and director of the Campus Center on Violence Against Women (now VISION) with funding from the Department of Justice: Office of Violence Against Women. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Boston University and a PhD from Northeastern University. She has practiced in the area of antipoverty/ social justice work in community-based settings and as a counselor in organizations addressing intimate partner violence.

In her role at Northeastern she is a leader in experiential education practice in both local and global settings. Her outstanding commitment to high quality experiential education was recognized with the Northeastern Presidential Aspiration Award (2004) and the Excellence in Teaching Award (2011). She has developed partnerships with many of Boston’s nonprofit organizations through her own practice and her continued implementation of service-learning partnerships. Dr. Gardinier has also established project-based service-learning capacity building programs with nonprofits in Benin, Costa Rica, India and Mexico. In this role she and her students collaborate with local leaders to identify creative solutions to organizational challenges. Her research spans social movement studies, sexual violence and best practice in experiential education.


Contact Information:

310 B Renaissance Park
(617) 373-5918