By Rebecca Riccio, Founder and Director, Social Impact Lab


Welcome to the Social Impact Lab (SIL) ChangeSpace, where we will reflect on our efforts to inspire and empower social changemakers to embrace complexity and social justice as their touchstones for addressing society’s greatest challenges. Our goal is to incubate the knowledge, skills, mindset, and values that engender collaboration and problem-solving across disciplines, sectors, industries, generations, and personal identities and empower changemakers to harness the full range of intellectual and financial resources required to address society’s greatest challenges.

We will use the SIL ChangeSpace to reflect on the pedagogical, ethical, and practical demands inherent in our mission. For example, what frameworks can we use to explore complexity from both theoretical and applied perspectives? What knowledge and skills prepare changemakers to navigate the systems from which social problems emerge? How can we utilize experiential learning to underscore the strategic and ethical imperatives of cultivating authentic relationships built on values like empathy, humility, respect, and perspective taking? The list of questions we are eager to explore – and lessons learned along the way – is always growing.

Embracing complexity forces us to acknowledge that deep, systemic change often takes longer, costs more, and is more difficult to achieve than any of us would like. But it also inspires us to respect and capitalize on the entirety of the social change toolkit, from policymaking and social movement building to philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. There are so many powerful ways to make a difference! We hope you’ll visit often to see where our learning takes us.