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Meet the graduates: Terina Keller

Meet the graduates Terina Keller

Terina Keller, SSH’16, is a Torch Scholar and a self­less human­i­tarian, a global cit­izen and a member of the Hunt­ington 100. Here, she reflects on her past five years at North­eastern and looks ahead to her promising career in public health.

You studied soci­ology, with a con­cen­tra­tion in public health. What’s next?

I want to earn my master’s in public health, but my imme­diate plan is to work in the field to find out what I want to focus on. One poten­tial option is to return to the Insti­tute for Health­care Improve­ment, a non­profit based in Cam­bridge, Mass­a­chu­setts, where I worked on co-​​op as a project assis­tant in 2014. Another pos­si­bility is working at the Dana-​​Farber Cancer Insti­tute, where I recently inter­viewed for a posi­tion that would enable me to work closely with low-​​income high school stu­dents while helping to place them in STEM-​​related intern­ships at the hospital.

You helped your mom raise your two younger sib­lings when she was bat­tling breast cancer and you were just 10 years old. How did that expe­ri­ence help to shape your career path?  

She was a single mother, working two jobs, and we were moving from house to house with two new­borns. I almost had to repeat the fourth grade because I missed so much school as a result of staying home to take care of her and the kids, and my mom didn’t always have the resources to get the kind of treat­ments that she needed. It made me value health and made me realize that it’s not some­thing that should be taken for granted. When I enrolled at North­eastern, I decided to study soci­ology because I knew that I wanted to help people. I started thinking about my mom and what she went through, and deter­mined that keeping people healthy was what I wanted to do.

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